Wednesday, December 6th 2023

TMS Talks

Asking the challenging questions that help you make your important investment decisions

Each month we’ll be interviewing business leaders and asking the key questions to reveal the truth behind their numbers and what their business strategy means for their investors.


URA Holdings PLC

A bumpy ride but onwards and upwards now for URA Holdings     “…We can now proceed into production which will completely change the valuation of

Bluejay Mining PLC

Bluejay Mining at an inflection point with truly spectacular asset potential   “…What we’re gearing up to do is to drill both of those projects.

Chaarat Gold Holdings Ltd

With a supportive shareholder base, communication is key moving forwards for Chaarat Gold Holdings   “…the company is massively undervalued particularly in a great gold

Vast Resources PLC

Questions with Answers with Vast Resources   “…Funding extensions shows Vast’s creditors want to be part of the growth path for the long term…”  

Aterian PLC

Looking for a Lithium opportunity in Africa? Think Aterian   “…It was very exciting announcing our lithium joint venture with Rio Tinto. Rio are definitely the operators

Landore Resources Ltd

The only way is Canada for Landore Resources   “…BAM is the key project. It’s essential to us to move that project forward. It’s the

Vast Resources PLC

A multifaceted approach and mission for Vast Resources   “…They’re not all polymetallic. There’s a lot of silver and gold, and antimony and lithium and

Altona Rare Earths PLC

A significant milestone for Altona Rare Earths   “…We have networks so we are in a good position to identify and acquire new projects. We

Golden Metal Resources PLC

Are Golden Metal Resources about to hit the Jackpot in Nevada?   “…Nevada is the top place in the world to explore and develop. Golden

Union Jack Oil PLC

Options galore for Union Jack Oil   “…We’re in a really, really excellent financial position and we’re a small board, and we can manoeuvre quite

URA Holdings PLC

Exciting times ahead for the supportive shareholders of URA Holdings   “…a huge significant additional resource that is classified as JORC exploration target, that is

Block Energy PLC

Has cashed up Block Energy ever been in a more exciting position?   “…We’re coming off the back of two successful wells hoping this is