TMS Talks

Asking the challenging questions that help you make your important investment decisions

Each month we’ll be interviewing business leaders and asking the key questions to reveal the truth behind their numbers and what their business strategy means for their investors.


Vast Resources PLC

Vast opportunities for Vast Resources   With a new Institutional Investor on board, an historic issue about to be resolved, a ramp up in production

Chaarat Gold Holdings Ltd

A clear strategy for Chaarat : Create shareholder value   “…Chaarat Gold has a long target list of opportunities to expand its operational platform…”  

Union Jack Oil PLC

Great results, cashed up and an exciting future for Union Jack Oil    “…There’s no reason why Union Jack Oil shouldn’t produce for 20 years, let

Lexington Gold Ltd

Why is Billionaire Mr Midas getting involved with Lexington Gold?   “…This takes us from a junior explorer into a far, far larger company with

SEED Innovations Ltd

Is SEED Innovations set for a growth spurt?   “…One of the main goals is to add to our portfolio with very positive items that

Tower Resources PLC

It’s all about the Rig for Tower Resources   “…Oil is there, we know that. We will get the Rig. We will get the well

Ashington Innovation PLC

An abundance of opportunity for Ashington Innovation   “…Now is a really opportune moment to get out there and acquire a FinTech or Deep Tech company

Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals PLC

A very bright future for Hemogenyx   “…It’s a very exciting time in the company. For our size and for the amount of investment, we

Block Energy PLC

An imminent fundraise for Block? Absolutely not    “…Keep the rig moving. Keep the crew hot and press on with the programme…”   With record

Mobile Streams PLC

The deal with Mexico’s only unicorn is a complete game changer for Mobile Streams   “…We’re the undisputed number one provider supporting NFTs in Mexico.