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US regulator contacted UK authorities after large collateral calls [...]

A repeat of 2008 is unlikely, but investors worry about a potential credit squeeze [...]

Banking turmoil after the fall of Credit Suisse and US regional lenders leaves markets on edge [...]

The country’s sense of self as a haven for the world’s money and a beacon of neutrality is being shaken [...]

As rage over pension reform spills out on to the streets, it may be time for the country to rethink its all-powerful presidency [...]

C-suite turmoil and shaky business model left US lender exposed to tighter monetary policy [...]

Karin Keller-Sutter says following the protocols ‘would have triggered an international financial crisis’ [...]

Results of poll add momentum to calls for a review of the forced merger and for the clawing back of bonuses [...]

International Game Technology is demanding millions of pounds to effect handover, say people close to process [...]