Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Is Zenith Drill Ready?

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Andrea Cattaneo, Chief Executive Officer of Zenith joined Bonnie Hughes in the studio to discuss the latest developments as the oil & gas company operating the largest onshore oilfield in Azerbaijan, announced the commencement of well-deepening operations in well C-37 which is now scheduled to begin on July 26.

The first objective will be to deepen well C-37’s total depth of 3,987 metres by approximately 30-40 metres and drill all the clastic layers of the Middle Eocene formation.

The second objective will be to penetrate the previously untested and recently identified Upper Cretaceous (Mesozoic) formation structure by deepening well C-37 by an additional 250-300 metres. Upon completion of deepening activities, a series of wireline acquisitions and production tests will be performed first in the Upper Cretaceous carbonates and later in the Eocene clastic sequences.

You can see the interview between Andrea and Bonnie here


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