Wednesday, December 6th 2023

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Jeremy Naylor Of IGTV With Neill Ricketts CEO Of Versarien

Versarien CEO Neill Ricketts joined Jeremy Naylor in the IGTV studio to update them on the companies latest developments, including a sobering view of how day to day life in the technology industry translates to that of an extremely dynamic innovative engineering business specialising in graphene-based products.

Ricketts explains that graphene has seen a number of transitions during its short time in the public eye, from a total change the word revolutionary hype to tirelessly constructing a unique business from nuts and bolts to building strong global/commercial relationships. Jeremy quizzes the Versarien CEO on the recent announcement of a 12kg order (of graphene material) before explaining further the advantages of true applications.

You can see the latest IGTV interview below

We recently visited Mr Ricketts at The GEIC (Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre)

[wpvideo lprC3yJX]

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