Saturday, September 23rd 2023

Jangada Mines Podcast

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Interview By Sarah Lowther

We caught up with Brian McMaster Chairman at Jangada Mines Plc, McMaster talks us through the companies suite of assets in North East Brazil including the PGM Pedra Branca asset more recently divested to ValOre metals corp. in return for $3m(CAD) plus 25million shares in the company currently worth approx $7m+, During the interview, the chairman rationalises that decision based around the financial reach of its Canadian partner in addition to further offering an opportunity to accelerate 100% owned Pitombeiras vanadium, titanium and iron project (‘Pitombeiras’ or ‘the Project’) located in the state of Ceará, Brazil, likened to Canadian listed, Largo Resources.

You can find ValOre latest Q4 presentation Update  by clicking the link


·    Extended the Project’s footprint having identified a new target, Goela

·    Identified eight magnetic anomaly targets to follow up with further exploration work

·    Commencing a fully funded 2,500 m drilling campaign in January 2020

·    Renewed exploration license for an additional three years

 Brian McMaster, Chairman of Jangada, said: “We continue to be highly encouraged with the results from the ongoing exploration programme at Pitombeiras. Our recent work has discovered a new target we call Goela, which adds substantial footprint to the overall prospect beyond the previously announced JORC Exploration Target. Excitingly, it is possible that Pitombeiras and Goela are linked and form one large deposit.  Our January 2020 drilling campaign will look at the possible connection between these two mineralised bodies. In total, we have identified eight magnetic anomaly targets to follow up with further exploration work. Additionally, our exploration license was extended for an additional three years by the Brazilian mineral authority.  Jangada is entering a truly exciting phase.”

You can hear the podcast interview with Brian McMaster here:

4 Exits, 8 Years – A Conversation with Jim Paterson, CEO of ValOre Metals Corp.

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