Saturday, September 30th 2023

Open Orphan & Hvivo

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Why Open Orphan Is On The Tip Of Our Lips?

After a busy week in the press Open Orphan has really been making waves, as the market speculates heavily on the future of the Irish pharmaceutical service company, Open Orphan has expanded their market footprint over recent weeks as the national press has taken a considerable interest in the company.

Open Orphan is a rapidly growing specialist CRO pharmaceutical services company that has a focus on orphan drugs and is a world leader in the provision of virology and vaccine challenge study services and viral laboratory services. It has Europe’s only 24-bedroom quarantine clinic with an onsite virology lab in Queen Mary’s Hospital London. hVIVO supports product development for customers developing antivirals, vaccines, and respiratory therapeutics, all particularly relevant and topical in the environment of heightened awareness in 2020.

The company also has a leading portfolio of 8 viral challenge study models which are: 2 FLU, 2 RSV, 1 HRV, 1 Asthma, 1 cough, and 1 COPD viral challenge model. No other company in the world has such a portfolio, with only two competitors globally having 1 challenge study model each.

Trevor Phillips, CEO of Open Orphan, said:

“FLU-v is a universal influenza vaccine that targets conserved internal regions of the flu virus. There have been two positive Phase II studies; FLU-v 003, testing immunogenicity and FLU-v004, testing efficacy in a human challenge study.

Imutex continues to explore options for the FLU-v vaccine programme and is scheduling meetings with key regulatory authorities, FDA and EMEA, hoping to gain further insight into Phase III preparation, a key area of interest expressed by potential partners.”

Open Orphan Chairman Cathal Friel Spoke To TMS here

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