Wednesday, September 27th 2023

John McAfee Part III.

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Doc Holiday caught up with John McAfee to learn more about non-fiat currency, and why Bitcoin is no longer so relevant. We live in a world where we can function perfectly well without following the typical capitalist model which incidentally sees a large proportion of your harvest stolen taken.

John talks us through life (his own included) without cash or credit (card) indeed or even a bank account, he explains the value of Monero and how the uses of such cryptocurrency are trialed and tested in the darker underbelly of society before surfacing as reliable access to financially support one’s self.

In this third and equally fascinating interview Mr. McAfee gives yet another quota of captivating insight on how you can live a life with crypto, himself launching a decentralized exchange Mcafeedex.

Doc speaks here with the illustrious John McAfee

[wpvideo xoJkyjGL]

Disclaimer: No fee was paid and there is no remuneration in anyway linked to this interview