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Bluerock Diamonds

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An employee poses with the Archduke Joseph diamond during an auction preview at Christie's in Geneva November 8, 2012. The 76 carat diamond is expected to fetch between 15 million and 20 million US dollars as it auctions in Geneva on November 13th

“Diamonds Are Forever” an Investors best friend…

For some time now, diamond producers have dug deep for a new way to punt their wares. ‘Diamonds are forever’ may be one of the most successful slogans in advertising history, and It’s no wonder AdvertisingAge voted the De Beers campaign as the top advertising slogan of the past century. This was also of course the last official appearance by Sir Sean Connery as James Bond in the 1971 hit film with the same name. So what else do we know about a  “girls best friend“?

In 2013 a 14.82-carat orange diamond broke a world record when it sold for 32 million euros. Generally, pink and blue diamonds are the most sought after, but this rare gem took the world by surprise with its clementine coloring and compact size.

But Diamonds are not just for millionaire investors. For those who are willing to do their research, investing in the precious stones can make savings sparkle. While the FTSE 100 index of companies is up just over 10 per cent from where it was a decade ago, over the same period the price of pink diamonds has skyrocketed by almost 400 per cent.

For investors who do not want to buy actual diamonds however, another way to access this investment opportunity is by buying shares in diamond mining companies…which brings us nicely onto Bluerock Diamonds.

David expands further on this weeks news of the companies fifth diamond recovered with a value of over $100,000 and a sale of 3805 carats through a private sale conducted through a sales agent in South Africa at an average price of US$330 per carat for an aggregate consideration of US$1.3m. David also explains why the market is so strong for high end quality diamonds as opposed to industrial diamonds and covers this mornings RNS in which the company announced the grade of diamonds mined and processed has significantly improved above last years levels…

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