Wednesday, September 27th 2023

ECR Minerals

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Looks like it will be as easy as ABC for ECR

“…It’s getting crowded in Australia, but ECR has first come, first served status in Victoria. We will get the Licences and there is a lot of activity going on…”

Go to the Victoria State Government website ( and type ‘mining licences’ into the search box and you are presented with an aerial map showing exploration licences in blue.  In 2020 the amount of blue is consolidating into one solid mass, and it’s no surprise quality exploration ground available for direct licence application is equivalent to finding the proverbial needle in a Victoria state haystack.

But the acquisition of quality ground is precisely what ECR Minerals has been able to do time and again hence its approximately 1000 sq. km land package devoted to the discovery of precious metals.  In September the mineral exploration and development company announced it had applied for two further exploration licences to be known as the Tambo gold project.

Chief Executive Craig Brown is confident the applications will be successful, and exploration will begin early 2021 – another step in securing the company’s ambition of delivering the next multi-million ounce gold resource in Australia.

Here, Craig explains to Sarah Lowther about ECR’s quest to trace alluvial deposits back to their primary source and the source of gold mineralisation, plus how the Tambo gold project, with its production legacy, was brought to his attention…

Click here to read the RNS which includes visuals of the Tambo Gold Project 

Watch Craig speak with Proactive’s Andrew Scott about the Tambo gold project licences covering portions of the Swifts Creek/Omeo and Haunted Stream goldfields that have recorded historical gold production of 205,000 and 25,000 ounces respectively.

The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company