Saturday, September 30th 2023

Kavango Resources

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From Siberia to South Africa. Is Kavango’s Kalahari Suture Zone the new Norilsk?

Norilsk has long shed its legacy as a Gulag outpost, and while it is still Russia’s coldest city, it is the country’s richest blessed with an abundance of precious metals buried beneath a desert of snow.

Travel over 11,000 miles from Asia to South Africa and Kavango Resources has long suspected that beneath the Kalahari sands there is a Norilsk type resource, and the investor update released in September gives credibility to the board’s intuition.

Data obtained from Kavango’s Kalahari Suture Zone project has been painstakingly input into the Mira Geoscience 3D modelling software package.  The resulting computerised geological model depicted flat lying Karoo gabbro sills, which bear a remarkable resemblance to those containing large deposits of Cu/Ni/PGM rich massive sulphides in the Norilsk mining centre.

Kavango Resources co-founder Mike Moles is confident the company is close to presenting a Kalahari Suture Zone proof of concept and here talks to Sarah Lowther about a potential drilling campaign next year and the search for a joint venture partnership.

To view the two sample cross section alongside a schematic diagram of a typical Norilsk type sill click here to download the presentation

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Below, Kavango Resources announce the conversion of Power Metal Resources Convertible Loan Note and expand on what that really means for the company…



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