Thursday, September 28th 2023

Guest Interview Vol.7

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“…If I do not not know why I hold a stock any more, then I sell it…”

New to investing? Need a strategy? Not really sure where to start in the minefield of small cap companies? Maybe this podcast will help you on your journey…

Due to the recent high number of requests to @TMSreach over the last couple of months, when junior markets have been on fire, here Doc Holiday catches up with yet another well known, respected private investor in @Space_Robot1

In this very honest and open interview @Space_Robot (Tony) shares his trading thoughts and views in a very genuine way. With his love for poker providing a genuine help in his trading activities Tony really does have a grasp of how the markets really work, which is the only way you can succeed, longterm, at this game.

Looking originally to get involved with the “Markets” to meet new people, make new friends and make money Tony certainly looks like he ticks all of those boxes…but it hasn’t been all easy! Tony has been trading around 4 years. His love for Golf and Gambling have always been part of his make-up. What he has found also is that his love for playing Poker (to a high standard) has helped his discipline and methodical approach to stock picking. After making a “lot” on #88E then giving it “all back and more” with-in three months a new approach was required.

After discovering Twitter and the infamous Bulletin Boards Tony decided upon a new strategy. Knowing when to “hold em, and when to fold em” has played a massive part in Tony’s success. “If I do not not know why I have a stock any more, then I sell it” which echos the old Heads of Trading in the “City” giving you a tap on the shoulder and asking the Trader why he has a position in a certain stock? Has the reason changed of why you went “Long”?

After finding him self “sucked” into “ramps” by people he trusted, Tony now has a golden rule : “…take every thing any one says with a pinch of salt, trust no one…” How true that is in the world of AIM! He now makes his own calls, own decisions and reviews positions/holdings regularly.

Tony ends the interview with why these volatile markets are ideal for swing trading and scalping profits.

Companies also mentioned by Tony include : #88E #AST #N4P #ARS #EML #ARCM #RRE #ADME

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