Saturday, September 23rd 2023

Malcy Talks Oil & Gas XXIII Part 2

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“…What you then need is one or two ten-baggers…” 

After the very recent interview with Malcy, we once again caught up with independent oil analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood to talk a little more about his thoughts and ideas, this time, more focused on the Gas environment. Which companies does he believe may take you through the long, cold, uncertain winter ahead…

Over the years Doc & Malcy have often looked to unlock value by piecing together companies with strong underlying assets in the exploration arena, the duo now run the rule over various companies including the new Team behind Zephyr Energy, the possible pitfall of investing in Deltic Energy and the intriguing developments with Solo Oil, Aminex and Helium One…

Malcolm Graham-Wood has over 30 years experience in the Oil & Gas sector working in a variety of capacities, these days Malcy floats around the markets as the oracle of oil stocks, jet-setting to foreign lands reporting on prospective investment opportunities. 

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Doc Holiday caught up once again with Malcolm Graham-Wood below. Companies covered include : #SQZ #IOG #DELT #JKX #IGAS #JOG #JSE #AEX #SOLO #HeliumOne #WEN #ZPHR #TXP