Sunday, October 1st 2023


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Mask up and roll on 2021 for Versarien!
“…Versarien’s progressing from laboratory testing to product testing…”

In March 2020, Versarien CEO Neill Ricketts had 143,000 emails in his inbox and after this month’s Covid-19 protection potential update, it’s unlikely the boss of the advanced materials group will have time to purge or even read some of that historic communication.

Since the pandemic became a chronic global concern, Versarien was determined it wouldn’t become a Covid casualty swiftly aligning its business towards coronavirus-related solutions concurrent with the company’s ambition of commercialisation.

In August it released anti-viral, anti bacterial masks made of graphene.  Three months later an investor update revealed Versarien’s hybrid graphene nanomaterials have the potential to provide protection from COVID-19. 

Results gleaned from an independent study by the University of Ankara gives the company the confidence to move to rapid testing of these materials in real-world applications as diverse as face masks, clothing and surface treatments, together with investigating the protection they can provide from other viruses and bacteria.

Available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit adults and children, offering the benefits of graphene. Light,comfortable, cool and effective. Can you afford to take a chance with a mere face covering? Want to buy a mask? Click here…

To learn more about graphene and how Versarien is helping to commercialise it, please watch this video. If you have any questions then you can always ask the CEO Neill Ricketts


Listen to Neill explain to Sarah Lowther how graphene is coming of age, and why it is in an enabler for many of the changes that need to happen in society.

Click here to read about the SARS-CoV-2 Inhibition by Hybrid Graphene Nanoplatelet/Metal Oxide Powders

The company’s Annual Report is titled ‘Focusing on Commercialisation.’  Read about that path here

Below, is the Promotional Video for the EN149 KN95 Approved graphene Mask, featuring a reusable pouch to store the reusable mask in when not being used, 4 ply construction containing the Versarien’s premier product Nanene and verified by the Graphene Council.

The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company