Thursday, September 28th 2023

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Small is Beautiful and a touch of Genius for Empire Metals


“…Wait and See shouldn’t be confused with Hide and Seek as Empire Metals embarks on more discoveries on the mineralisation zone…”


Mike Struther’s repetition of “Wait and See” isn’t the mantra of the uncertain, but can be compared to Santa, real or imagined, telling impatient children they mustn’t open their presents till Christmas Day.

Christmas for Empire Metal’s investors may be coming in the first quarter of 2021 when the potential of the Eclipse project of Western Australia will be unwrapped in terms of studies, scientific affirmation and anointment by the three wise kings of local government, mother earth and the metaphorical Father Chrysus – the god of gold.

The only thing that might spoil Empire’s festive season is the lack of geologists.  They are literally worth their weight in nuggets, as the ‘gold rush’ in Western Australia makes demands on the pool of available talent located near the pan handing legacy of old and the 21st century discoveries that require validation.

It’s a first world problem for Empire Metals who have unearthed gold grades that may make some go weak at the knees, but not Chief Executive Struthers who is a very patient man and one who is unapologetic about repetition.  He is confident about what lies beneath at Eclipse.

Listen to Mike telling Sarah Lowther over and over again to ‘Wait and See’ and why small is beautiful.


Read the RNS about the Drilling Results & Completion of 75% Acquisition of Eclipse Gold Project

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