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Guest Interview Vol.8

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New to investing? Need a strategy? Not really sure where to start in the minefield of small cap companies? Maybe this podcast will help you on your journey…

Due to the recent high number of requests to @TMSreach over the last couple of months, when junior markets have been on fire, here Doc Holiday catches up with yet another well known, respected private investor in @kennyruss72

In this very honest and open interview @kennyruss72 (Kenny)  shares his trading thoughts and views in a very genuine and honest way.

Having now over 20 years experience in financial markets it hasn’t always been an easy path, far from it…

Living through the financial crisis of 2008, where Kenny almost lost everything and faced being wiped out, he took a break, rethought strategy and came back stronger with a very different approach to the markets. Every good trader MUST have an angle or some thing a little different to the next man or you’re just one of the 80 per cent of “retail” who continue to lose money. In Kenny’s own words “Your not a real investor until you have had a proper kicking”. How true that is. He got reckless, followed the “sheep” and, as will always happen, got virtually taken out by the general garbage being taken around the “City” by folk that haven’t really a clue how Markets function.

His approach now is very different and very successful. He doesn’t hold grudges (life is too short!) but as he explains, life is not a dress rehearsal, there is no second chance in this game!

Kenny’s thirst for the markets led him to question companies in depth. What do they actually do? Does the Business model stack up? Do the Board of Directors have “skin in the game”? Is the company website up to-date? Is there a company presentation? Do they have an active social media account?

People are lazy, even more so in “Bullish” markets. They get complacent. They play markets “blind” and lazy people lose money.

Kenny’s success led him to introduce other avenues into his life. He now runs the very successful @Marketmusing podcast where investors chat across the table about their investment journeys. Market Musing is part of @StockBoxmedia

Listen to Kenny explain all to Doc Holiday below…


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