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Mode Global Holdings PLC

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Want to Buy Bitcoin? Then Mode Global Holdings is the APP to use…


“…Consumers and investors are recognising the importance of bitcoin, and Mode Global Holdings are at the forefront of all this new exciting technology and innovation…”


More customers used the Mode app to buy and hold Bitcoin and in November, with its chaotic US election and global stock market rallies, it resulted in a 950% increase in trading volumes for the LSE-listed fintech.

Mode IPO’d in October and is building financial products that will help accelerate the world’s transition to a digital financial system combining the best of banking, payments, investment, loyalty, and digital assets.

Its highly ranked next-generation cryptocentric app allows users to access sterling pound, euro and bitcoin accounts all in one place, and grow their digital assets through one of the highest-yielding and most flexible interest accounts for Bitcoin.

That next generation app is coming of age in the coming months when it evolves into a ‘Super App’ harmonising all of the above, engendering loyalty between consumers and merchants and giving users access to investment products.

Rita Liu was the founding member of Alipay’s business expansion.  She’s now Mode’s Chief Commercial Officer and below explains the company’s ground breaking ecosystem to Sarah Lowther and why Mode is ahead of incumbents entering the open banking space.


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Click here to view the company’s IPO prospectus from September 2020


The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company