Saturday, September 23rd 2023

Versarien PLC

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It’s all change for Versarien in this brave new world


With products galore, and opportunities and partnerships presenting themselves at every turn, 2021 looks a very exciting year for Versarien


After years of evangelising around the globe about graphene’s potential, Versarien is now reaping the rewards of its dogged determination enlightening multinationals about the superconductive, one atom-thick carbon material 200 times the strength of steel.

It’s helpful too, that actor, academic and celebrated raconteur Stephen Fry was endorsing graphene over the Christmas holidays telling TV viewers: “mark my words graphene is going to change everything.”

Versarien’s known that for over a decade, and Fry’s celebrity endorsement came a week after the company’s latest acquisition which chief executive Neill Ricketts describes as ‘transformational.’

The announcement on December 22nd outlined the acquisition of ‘certain graphene production related assets and intellectual property’ from South Korea based Hanwha Aerospace.   This included a portfolio of over 100 patents and patent rights, many originally developed by Samsung in South Korea and ready-to-go production facilities.

Tantalisingly close to scaled up commercialisation, is 2021 the year Versarien’s long term strategy reaches maturity?

Listen to Neill tell Sarah Lowther how the company can fund its expansion without investor dilution and what the Versarien headlines are likely to be over the coming 12 months.


For more details about the transformational South Korea acquisition, listen to Neill talking with Punchline TV’s Mark Owen about why the deal is like many Christmases rolled into one.

Versarien is also featured by @TMSreach as one of its 12 companies to follow in 2021. Click here to view.


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