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Coinsilium Group Ltd

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It’s time to get Physical for Coinsilium 


“…When Coinsilium first started, Bitcoin was $1000; it’s now close to $60,000 and our Crypto Treasury is going up accordingly…”


Malcolm Palle just can’t shake off the mining metaphor that has doggedly followed his career, though he’s not worried, but pretty proud of the accolade.  The co-founder of the Mining Maven natural resources focused investor communications brand has moved on to crypto, and coverage has described his company Coinsilium as being ” A picks and shovels business in the decentralised finance gold rush.”

Palle got his shovel in first because his Blockchain, Open Finance and Crypto Finance venture operator was the first ever blockchain company to list on a stock exchange in 2015.

He’s an advocate of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which are used in a growing array of commercial models including the digitisation of assets, creation of digital collectibles, as well as for bridging physical to digital assets across various markets such as gaming, sports, music and fine arts.

Coinsilium demonstrated its nimbleness again and is involved with the crypto postage stamp that will be issued by HM Government of Gibraltar, Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau.  It’s helpful too Palle resides in Gibraltar which is increasingly recognised as a pre-eminent global regulatory jurisdiction which is well-positioned to be a leading hub for innovative financial technology.

Palle attributes the more than fivefold increase in the share price (AQUIS:COIN) since October to both awareness about the company’s potential and more universally investor interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Here he tells Sarah Lowther about crypto postage stamps, building ventures predominantly in the open and decentralised finance (De-Fi) space, digital scarcity and the disintermediation opportunities provided by non-fungible tokens.


Watch Malcolm talk to Proactive UK’s Katie Pilbeam about the management of the cryptocurrencies it holds in its treasury.

The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company