Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Guest Interview Vol.11 – Jamie Tompkins

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“…Children of all ability want to play Football, they want to play Football all year round, they need that release…”


The countdown is on for March 29th when outdoor sports can start again.


A guest interview with a difference this week. sponsors the management of the Ascot United FC First Team, so who better to talk Football, coaching, mentoring and also cover the very important subject of Children’s (and adults!) mental health during this ‘Lockdown’ period, than Jamie Tompkins – First Team manager at Ascot United and Football Community Development Manager at Brentford FC.

When you have a promising football career cut short by a serious injury, do you turn your back on the game or try something different?

Jamie pursued another path. He decided to invest his time in helping others to be the best they can be. He has laid foundations for many children and young people  in building their resilience and wellbeing for overall life skills to prepare them for whatever journey life takes.

The importance of both physical and mental health is so important. Talking about your feelings and how you feel is a massive part of today’s society and we have progressed so well from the “old days” that maybe we just take this a little for granted.

Jamie Tompkins decided he wouldn’t disassociate but engage fully by coaching and developing the current and next generation of players in not one but two roles – that of First Team manager at Ascot United and also the Football Community Development Manager at Brentford FC.  One is more of a mouthful than the other, but the skillsets are interchangeable.  Jamie likes to help and there’s plenty of assistance to be given at Ascot United which is one of the largest youth clubs in the South East of England.

Jamie tells Sarah Lowther about the fun to be had with rolled up socks, how the Lionesses have inspired the next generation of female footballers and what his predictions are for both Ascot United and Brentford FC. Follow Jamie on Twitter @jamietompkins4 

With outdoor sports including football, golf and tennis  allowed to resume from 29 March 2021, what kind of shape is Ascot United in and why does Jamie get an honourable mention in the video below hosted by Director of Football Neil Richards.

@AscotUnitedFC has grown to become one of the largest football clubs in the UK. Currently there are over 750 registered players, embracing all ages from age 5 upwards and at all levels of ability.

Ascot United fields 55 teams every weekend including 5 adult teams and 6 girls’ teams. It is supported by over 50 businesses who provide various forms of sponsorship; it is run by over 100 volunteers 80 of whom have formal FA coaching qualifications.

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