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Guest Interview Vol.9 – Seth Freedman

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“I have been addicted to a lot of things in life, and trading the worst of all”


New to investing? Need a strategy? Not really sure where to start in the minefield of Financial Markets? Maybe this podcast will help you on your journey.

Here Doc Holiday catches up with one of the most well known, highly regarded and respected individuals in Seth Freedman.

This is one of the most explosive interviews ever undertaken by @TMSreach

Seth freedman is a writer. He wrote the infamous book on the City, Binge trading. He previously worked as a Stockbroker for six years before moving to Israel and served in the IDF for 15 months. He was a whistleblower at the centre of the gas price fixing scandal in 2012. A self-confessed spy, he also freely admits  helping Harvey Weinstein secretly investigate 91 people.

Seth Freedman was born in 1980. At 19, he ditched his university place to take a job at a City stockbrokers. It was 1999, the height of the dotcom boom, and within months he was handling millions of pounds of client orders. He dealt for Swiss banks, traded bonds in Geneva, then left to take his client base to a London brokerage. He got out before the 2008 crash and wrote a series of articles for the Guardian Newspaper, which generated a massive reaction from readers.

Here, in this absolutely must listen to interview with @DDS_DocHoliday, Seth expands on his exploits of the last decade or so  which many people wouldn’t encounter in a lifetime.

Seth expands on his career in the City, talks “Bear Raids”, CFDs and his relationship with his ex client Simon Cawkwell also known as the notorious Evil Knievil!

On the recent events with GameStop Group Seth explains “…It was the most obvious short out there. A perfectly executed way to ramp a share. Market manipulation at its best. Hedge funds have cleared up, the very people they (Reddit) were claiming to take on…”

Seth covers the cauldron of activity in the “Markets” over the “pandemic” period, and the surge in activity in trading. How social media is the new “Bulletin Board” of trading and how people that do not do their own research, and lose money, only really have them selves to blame.

In this in depth Interview Freedman covers the Koovs fashion firm story and how the ASOS of India became a major fraud story recently.   “…the company put themselves up for sale with out even telling the Nomad let alone the Market…”

Seth covers the Gas markets corruption from 2012. The whistleblower was Seth Freedman who then worked at ICIS Heron, a financial information company that publishes energy price reports. He explains how price feeds were rigged in the same way as the LIBOR scandel.

Finally, how with a life like Freedman has had, how does he stay motivated? What drives the man on to succeed?

Listen to Seth speak to Doc Holiday below.


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The author was not remunerated for this interview nor was the guest