Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Apollon Formularies Ltd

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A full spectrum of opportunities for Apollon Formularies


“…Investors will do very well over the next five years if they invest in Apollon…”


With the plethora of cannabis-related listings across UK stock exchanges, the accessibility to consumer CBD and cannabinoid focused companies has increased and investors are holding the likes of Kanabo and Cellular Goods in their ‘green’ portfolios.

It’s less likely they are holding stock in soon-to-be listed Apollon Formularies as the book is already closed after a substantially oversubscribed fundraise.

Head of Business Development Stene Jacobs explains that a lot of capital has already been ‘sunk’ into Apollon so the company didn’t need a huge quantum, but for those who missed out “there is a second round of fundraising that will happen within 2021.”

Apollon is a full spectrum medical cannabis company which makes use of THC in its formulations.  That’s the part which makes the consumer high, but more importantly it’s the key component that makes the cannabis medication work.

The only other company permissioned to use THC in its formulas and have FDA-approved prescription cannabidiol medicine is GW Pharmaceuticals which has been bought by Jazz Pharmaceuticals for $7.2 billion.

In addition to its CBD product range, Apollon too includes THC in its medical formulations and has federally approved licences which include its coveted R&D licence which gives it a legal route to conducting physician-supervised human treatments.  The company has already done so on close to 500 patients with what Jacobs describes as “phenomenal results.”

Bringing the company to the Aquis Exchange via a reverse takeover is founder and physician Dr. Stephen Barnhill aka ‘The Doc.’ He migrated from producing medicine for big pharma to what at the time was the more niche cannabis treatments that he engaged with when his mother became unwell.

Guiding him through the listing process is Rod McIlree who at the age of 29 years was the youngest person to list a company on the ASX.  McIlree has launched multiple companies since then.

Listen to Stene talk to Sarah Lowther about the company’s USP’s, how 3D printing will revolutionise medication delivery,  its unique-in-the-world R&D licence which allows Apollon to use formulations on patients and the altruism that will be the founder’s swan song and a money maker for investors.


Watch Apollon MD Dr Stephen Barnhill, aka ‘the Doc’  talk to Tim Blytheweigh about it only being a matter of time before common sense laws leads to the decriminalisation and legalisation of THC use.


Apollon is coming to the market via a reverse takeover. Learn about the finer details here

The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company