Thursday, September 28th 2023

Critical Metals PLC

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The Time is now for Critical Metals 


“…It’s going to be a great 2021 for Critical Metals and its shareholders. Watch this space…”


And from the conversation that Russell Fryer has had with Total Market Solutions, the next three years is going to be just as dynamic.

Fryer is the chairman of Critical Metals which is the investment vehicle formed to identify and acquire brownfield mining opportunities in the strategic metals sector; the type of metals required to generate economic growth and contribute to the green energy revolution.  He, the board and the advisors he speaks highly of, have formulated a recipe for success.

The ingredients of the strategy says Fryer is investment in small mines that need money to expand  their production profiles by four or five times, look at mines that are in care and maintenance and speak to the ‘big boys that have non core assets to them but certainly would be core in the critical metal space to us.’  A stipulation is that each asset generates cash flow within 12 months of investment.

By 2023 Fryer wants Critical to be generating £20 million in EBITDA and declaring dividends. “It’s a lofty goal,” he says, “but one that’s achievable.”

The assets have yet to be bought, but as per the company’s 2020 Prospectus, the first transaction has to be in Africa and after that Fryer has his heart set on deals in the UK, Europe and North America with a possible listing there.

Talks are underway with organisations that have copper, cobalt, tungsten, tantalum, vanadium, antimony and tin.  (He’s really excited about tin). Fryer then wants to become the preferred supplier of critical metals to enterprises such as British Aerospace and Virgin Orbit, though he doesn’t say if conversations have been had with them directly.

In this podcast he dissects the EBITDA aspiration sums to Sarah Lowther, and shares why he’s so certain Critical Metals is going to be much much larger in a multi-jurisdiction, multi-continental way and how the company’s share profile is similar to the bitcoin model.

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The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company