Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Dekel Agri-Vision PLC

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Heading up a division for Dekel Agri-Vision


“…We believe our palm oil operation in 2021 could challenge the record financial performance in 2017…”


Dekel Agri-Vision’s financial performance of four years ago created a benchmark on the company’s spreadsheet when the West African agriculture company achieved revenue of €30.2 million and EBITDA of €4.5 million.

That could be surpassed as the February palm oil production update shows that Dekel has made the best start to a financial year due to a combination of global prices trading at multi-year highs and a strong start to the peak harvest season.

That’s according to Dekel’s Executive director Lincoln Moore who describes progress at the multi-project, multi-commodity agriculture company focused on Côte d’Ivoire as ‘fantastic.’

Spreadsheet aside, Moore is equally focussed on the gantt sheet showing the progress of the cashew processing project in Tiebissou, which is due to commence production in Q2 2021 with revenues generated soon after.

Listen to him talk to Sarah Lowther about the economics of the myriad projects, the margins, the initiative to shield local consumers from high commodity prices while simultaneously looking after the interests of shareholders long established and recently joined.

To see on-location footage follow the company’s Twitter profile @DekelAgriVision

Watch Lincoln talk to IG TV’s Jeremy Naylor about Dekel’s production and RSPO certification

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