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Kanabo Group PLC

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It’s Relaxed and High for Kanabo Group


“…In the UK and Europe, the addressable market is €500 million if you have a medical device and medical production.  Kanabo is the only one which has both...”


Kanabo Group PLC made history by becoming the first listed medical cannabis company on the London Stock Exchange in February 2021.  By doing so it had secured a first mover advantage in an industry notorious for its high barriers to entry due to quality issues, efficacy, supply chains, innovation and the fickleness of customers.

Crucially Kanabo did not come to market as a start up set up on a trendy whim.  It listed with a product and a bank of pre-clinical trial intelligence, and within a month of IPO it is delivering intelligence to investors about milestone agreements.

Most recently it announced a key tie up with PharmaCann Polska. Together they are establishing a customised production line for Kanabo’s VapePods cartridges.  This is an essential part of Kanabo’s VapePod® platform, the world’s first ever medically certified vaporiser that works with precision-targeted formulas.

Kanabo chief executive Avihu Tamir praises the “amazing facility” that saves his company capex investment and time; and he stresses the relationship with PharmaCann will continue beyond being a mere supplier.

Investors are baying for forecasts from the company that has a focus on the distribution of cannabis-derived products for medical patients, and non-THC products for CBD consumers.  Avihu is unable to talk forecasts but he does talk to Sarah Lowther about the size of the addressable market in addition to his confidence about customer retention for Kanabo’s offerings and the brands waiting to join the company as it grows.


Watch Avihu speak with Freetrade analyst David Kimberley about the VapePod and market opportunity that Kanabo is engaging with from a first mover foundation.

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