Saturday, September 30th 2023

Mast Energy Developments PLC

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Time for Mast Energy to set a new standard in the Reserve Power Industry


“…There’s a lot of stored up energy in Mast Energy Developments which we intend unleashing over the coming weeks…”


The 1987 weather-induced blackout, the great London power cut of 2003 and the national security blackouts of World War II may be memories to some, but outages are still a power security threat to the UK.

As recently as January 2021, National Grid advised the UK power market was showing signs of strain and the ‘buffer needed to ensure security of supply and keep the lights on was too small.’

The remit of April listed Mast Energy Developments Plc is to prevent future shortages by balancing out the national grid at critical times thereby reducing future blackout events.

Bordesley Power is the first addition to the #MAST reserve power sites.  With the IPO completed this construction-ready site is ripe to be actioned and should add c.5MW installed capacity reserve power to the #MED stable.

And investors will soon be introduced to the production-ready site that was being kept under wraps until after the company was plugged into the official list of the London Stock Exchange.

Louis Coetzee is the non-executive Chairman of Mast Energy. He’s a London listing and power project veteran, but it’s this UK-centric project that is really exciting him with its “massive potential and upside potential.”

He is emphatic that the business runway is unencumbered and “our distance from where we are today to first revenue is very short.”

Louis is also the Chief Executive of Kibo Energy, which is Mast Energy Developments’ largest shareholder, but as he explains in this podcast with Sarah Lowther he doesn’t need to micro manage because he doesn’t want to and doesn’t need to as a team is in place to future proof the company as it sets the gold standard for the reserve power industry.


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