Thursday, September 28th 2023

FastForward Innovations Ltd

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Time to take a Leap into FastForward Innovations ?


“…We’re able to sniff out the companies that could potentially create the Amazons and the Googles of the cannabis industry in the future…”


The biggest frustration for the chief executive of FastForward Innovations is not being able to buy more stock. The company makes investments in disruptive businesses that aren’t trendy, toppy and transient in nature, but have substance, make a difference not just to innovation recipients, but investors.

Ed McDermott has been CEO of this VC fund for over three years and has never been busier as he assesses opportunities in hemp based wellness, life science, medicinal cannabis, blockchain, edtech and 3D gaming.

This former boxer and keen angler has stamina and patience, but was aware that the stellar board needed further strengthening and from grassroots level.  This year’s significant hire is Alfredo Pascual the man with a medical cannabis networking black book par excellence.

While investors await news about the well telegraphed IPO of investee company Leap Gaming, Pascual is looking for opportunities to augment the company’s portfolio and maintain its position as a credible, cashful corporation.

As Ed explains to Sarah Lowther, #FFWD has already delivered on its net asset value promises and there’s more investment news flow to come with the company being in a ‘very strong position’ and the company eventually becoming it’s own news-flow machine.


To find out more about the networking ‘gold mine’ hire Alfredo Pascual, watch Ed introduce the company’s Vice President of Investment Analysis, to ProactiveUK’s Katie Pilbeam

Read the company’s H1 corporate presentation here

Catch up with the company’s Twitter feed by following @ffwdinnovations 

The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company