Thursday, September 28th 2023

Jade Road Investments Ltd

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Sale of assets on the cards for Jade Road Investments?


“…There’s plenty of Alibaba’s and Alipay’s in China and we’re confident Jade Road have access to a number of those opportunities…”


Most investors don’t have the inclination or the time to subscribe to international press for information about non-UK investment opportunities, particularly those in the world’s fastest growing economy of China.

And the lack of column inches devoted to the new Alibaba’s and Alipay’s emerging in Asia bewilders John Croft the chairman of Jade Road Investments.   While the UK press features Silicon Valley successes of the US, he doesn’t see equivalent coverage devoted to Guangdong, China’s version of Silicon Valley or the drive there to become semi conductor chip self sufficient.  You’d have to read the South China Morning Post to glean that intelligence which is absent from the UK press.

Incidentally the South China Morning Post is owned by the Alibaba Group, and Croft says there’s plenty of Alibaba type companies in China with many more to come, and Jade is looking to invest in some of  them as the opportunities arise.

He’s based in Hong Kong so has eyes and ears on potential Asian unicorns and those involved with new tech and green energy such as Jade investee company Meize Energy which has just opened its third factory and makes blades for offshore wind turbines.

UK-listed Jade also has holdings in DocDoc which provides patients with intelligence about practitioners including a database of known outcomes for specialised fields across Asia.  It’s part of the emerging medical tourism industry and DocDoc has garnered investment from a fund in London which, like Jade, recognises the merits of its methodology.

Just as DocDoc has attracted London interest, Jade too is looking to attract institutional investors in Blighty where Jade’s investment manager is resident.  Until then Jade’s journey is being joined by the retail investors who are excited about what Jade is bringing to the party in terms of access to vigorous Asian opportunities.

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