Saturday, September 30th 2023

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Four projects, Fantastic grades and thats just the start of it for Lexington Gold


”…Even with only six holes being drilled by Lexington, we will be able to establish a maiden resource with the project…”


Lexington Gold has completed its Phase 1 six-hole drilling campaign at the Jones-Keystone-Loflin Project in North Carolina.  It’s a sensitive time as the explorer is now awaiting expert analysis and modelling of not just its recent findings, but inherited historical drilling before it can announce publicly and with certainty that it has  established a maiden resource.

Chief executive Bernard Olivier has the doctorate calmness of his PhD, but even academics can be excitable particularly when they know they’re onto something special.

“The drilling was only done on the Loflin side of the Jones-Keystone-Loflin, so not only is it one of four projects, it’s only one component of one of the four projects; so there’s a lot still for us to explore and expand on.”

That goes without saying but then Olivier talks about the grades and where they were located.

“We shouldn’t underestimate how significant it is to get intersections of 35 metres at these grades that we are achieving at of well over at 1 gram per tonne.”

And then he talks about one intersection which has demonstrated  9.5 grams per tonne.

“That’s just the start of it,” says Olivier, and  “there’s lots of excitement to come.”

From zero to ninety metres, he says the results are “extremely impressive.”

Olivier is almost apologetic for his enthusiasm and qualifies this with third party attribution quoting the ‘what is a good grade and at what depth’ analysis as published by Bullion by Post. 

And yes Olivier would consider partnerships, but not just yet because the company has self sufficiency with enough funds to embark on the next phase of drilling  planned for the third quarter.   He’s determined to push the project high on the value curve, as far as an explorer that doesn’t want to become a miner prudently and strategically can.

Listen to Bernard ending this interview with Sarah Lowther on a cliffhanger about why he can’t wait to start working on the Carolina Belle project.

Watch Bernard talk to Proactive London’s Katie Pilbeam about the company’s strategy and rationale.

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Lexington Gold’s most recent corporate presentation can be accessed here


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