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Jade Road Investments Ltd

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Looking to invest in Asian pre-IPO and IPO Investments? Then think Jade Road


“…we are aware of a number of a companies that are close to going to IPO but are not yet public and looking to do pre-IPO rounds…”


“There is a huge opportunity, particularly post-covid, of companies that are looking to enter the public markets and we want to take advantage of that.”

The mandate of Asia-focused Jade Road Investments, and its investment manager Harmony Capital hasn’t changed, other than the remit is more expansive and a little bit more exciting.

UK-listed Jade invests in small and medium Asian enterprises with visionary entrepreneurs overseeing companies that will grow and reward shareholders.

“…Jade is the opportunistic vehicle investing in the Asian growth story…”


Harmony Capital’s Suresh Withana is a logical manager.  He knows there are ways an individual can become a shareholder in Asian companies.  If you have the network, the air miles, the money, the knowledge then you can invest directly. Or you could leave the grunt work to the investment team that has recently added a third dimension to its investment approach.

The foundation remains the same.   Investing in capital-starved but brilliantly worthy SME’s in Asia.  The second part of the strategy, as referenced in the recent annual results, is the focus on exits such as Jade’s legacy Future Metal Holdings quarry, and the third and most recent addition to the strategy is the world of the IPO.

Withana articulates the expansion of the strategy to look at pre-IPO and IPO investments has been brewing for some time with the team working on “smaller investments but perhaps higher growth,  slightly more exciting companies and one can expect here will be an announcement or two in that regard.”

The regard to due process is one that Withana is respectful of and keen to reference what is and what isn’t in the public domain.  “We actually are aware of a number of the companies that have pre-filed for IPO’s. It’s on public record and we are also aware of a number of a companies that are close to going to IPO but are not yet public and looking to do pre-IPO rounds.”

Jade is engaged with a few of those, but is careful not to become insiders or the ability to buy, trade and invest would become complicated or a non starter.

And with the Asian economy re-starting after the pandemic, Withana is focused on fintech and medtech because he says these sectors “are parts of the Asian economy which are underdeveloped.”

Jade’s investments are culturally aware understanding that in Asia, society is aspirational, and there are  huge populations that are becoming  increasingly upwardly mobile and tech is an enabler.  For those reasons fin and medtech feature heavily in Jade’s pipeline.

Listen to Suresh talk to Sarah Lowther about knitting, how broker Hybridan tells the company what they need to hear and not what they want to hear, and the fine line that delineates interested party from insider.


Watch Suresh deliver the company’s 2020 annual results released in July 2021

Follow the company on Twitter @JadeRoadInvest

The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company