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Panther Metals PLC

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This Panther is in total control


“…Now that the pieces have been put in place, the jigsaw puzzle’s complete.

Panther Metals is about to go to work…”


The jigsaw puzzle being referenced by Darren Hazelwood has just got bigger as the promise he made to shareholders three years ago has come to fruition.

At the very first public presentation he ever made as chief executive of Panther Metals he said the company would look for opportunities with scale.

That was in 2018 and at the start of August 2021, he has steered the exploration company to a position where it has acquired 1,128 claims, constituting an almost exclusive exploration holding over the Obonga Greenstone Belt.

“We’ve absolutely eliminated any competition on this Greenstone belt and by doing that everything we discover we hold the keys to,” says Hazelwood. “We are not in a position where we are undercapitalised  and overextended on our work programme. We are just going to work. You can see such a change in this business now.”

That change is company making. Hazelwood explains that “When you look at this deal we’re acting like a major and we’re acting like a major for good reasons.”

Panther has already got 12 locations of interest on Obonga and one of those areas was previously  identified by BHP Billiton a high priority exploration target. Hazelwood explains that that major “drilled a few holes and hit massive stringer and disseminated sulphide 600 metres from the main target body.”  That campaign was short-lived due to the Windy Craggy ‘scandal’ of the 1990’s in Canada when Premier Mike Harcourt expropriated a proposed mine site and created Tatshenshini-Alsek wilderness park.

The result was investment in Canada’s resource industry dried up and created an opportunity for Panther some thirty years later.  Serious lessons were learned by the government and mining companies alike and paved the way for the Obonga opportunity.

The August 2021 deal was brokered by Liane Boyer, a resource geologist with gold star credentials who is trusted by the first nations community in Canada.

Hazelwood is more than happy to facilitate her overriding wish which is that Obonga and the targets on Obonga are drilled.  “We’ve committed to a programme of drilling 8000 metres over three years. It’s licensed to drill.”

With the permits in place and a programme of that magnitude, Hazelwood says “We’ve become a lot more attractive as a proposition to drillers.”

He’s proud of his world class exploration team including economic geologists who have worked on deals that have concluded with majors buying in and resource geologists who have worked on world class mines. “It’s exploration at its finest on our opinion.”

An event 30 years ago Hazelwood concludes “allows Panther the potential to attack deposits within this zone and effectively take almost total control.”

Listen to Darren talking about the world class expertise ‘oozing across the board’ and how the decision to IPO Panther Resources, or Panther Australia on the ASX has enabled the Obonga deal to be actioned and the keys of discovery be handed to shareholders.

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The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company