Friday, September 22nd 2023

Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals PLC

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Yet another milestone event for Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals 


“…It feels great to be truly in control of CDX…”


Vladislav Sandler has a dogged determination to save the lives of patients suffering from blood diseases. That’s the broad brushstroke mission of Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals the biopharmaceutical group he co-founded and is chief executive of.  He’s also one of the scientists working on the solutions  integral to the vision.

He has a singular focus, but is not, as has been accused, micromanaging the company.  In the most recent stock exchange statement, the company announced it had regained control of the destiny that is the CDX bispecific antibody from global biopharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

There was no drama, but negotiations were without precedent and Hemo’s chief negotiator, who at present remains anonymous, is soon to join Sandler’s team. “He made something that was impossible,” says Sandler who says the negotiating team as a whole “made miracles.”

The as yet unnamed miracle mediator will soon accompany recently appointed Dr Alan E. Walts who joined the company in July as a Board observer and business advisor with a career pedigree in corporate finance and the biotech industry .

The company is attracting talent that Dr. Sandler is happy with.  Their input allows him to concentrate on the scientific breakthroughs the business was founded for.

Listen to Vlad talk to Sarah Lowther about miracles, the miraculous and how he’s pleased in more ways than one.


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