Saturday, September 23rd 2023

Electric Guitar PLC

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Interested in digital advertising and data marketing? Think Electric Guitar 


“…We’re going to buy and build and become a supplement to Google…”


Digital advertising has a bad reputation.  It’s everywhere, it’s not relevant, it’s annoying and it’s much ignored.  Recent calculations suggest that 99.7% of the intended audience don’t pay attention, and with inflation-inspired interest rate rises and discretionary spending being tightened, brands don’t just have to be creative, but develop a lifelong relationship with the consumer.

John Regan, founder and chief executive of Electric Guitar plc cites Apple and Tesla as two companies who have created lasting relationships with customers through a 360 degree experience blending data insights, pertinent advertising and privacy protection.

Regan isn’t to be confused with the 1980’s Monster of Rock John Regan who supported ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, and rock legend Peter Frampton. Neither does he play electric guitar, but the company name pays homage to a serendipitous meeting with Sir John Hegarty who was anointed into advertising’s Hall of Fame after groundbreaking commercials such as the  Levi’s 501 ad with boxer shorted Nick Kamen.

Hegarty admitted he doesn’t ‘get’ the data driven element of marketing.  Regan does though and three of his companies have been bought by companies keen to understand what he understands.  In fact Communisis bought two of Regan’s businesses, so he’s no stranger to being bought out and wouldn’t rule this out as an exit option for Electric Guitar.

It’s early days though because Electric only listed in January with a mission to buy and build.  Regan’s looking for companies that have almost everything the new advertising universe needs but are lacking the experts, the capital or the injection of technology.  Ultimately he’s wants his company to provide agencies with the tools to create “something fantastic,” as the metaverse evolves, and for advertising to be “useful and not annoying.”

Listen to John talk to Sarah Lowther about growing quickly, the opportunity that needs Electric Guitar as a conduit, and how the company will position itself against tech giant Google.


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