Thursday, September 28th 2023

Firering Strategic Minerals PLC

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Fantastic Firering to now start to Fire


“…Firering Strategic Minerals is sitting on something quite exciting at critical minerals rich West Africa…”


The last investor updates from Firering Resources were double ‘belters’ befitting the company’s belt and braces approach to its flagship Atex dual Lithium-Tantalum Project in Côte d’Ivoire.

Whilst that sounds crude, the strategy and aspiration of this explorer is Tier One mining. Note the capital letters and bold fonts because the highlighting is justifiable.

Firering has appointed FOREMI for the next all-important phase of core drilling at its flagship Atex dual Lithium-Tantalum Project.

For those unfamiliar with FOREMI, it’s a joint venture between SODEMI (Société pour le Développement minier en Côte d’Ivoire) and TSE-listed drilling services company Foraco. It has completed drilling campaigns for a number of exploration and mining companies in Africa including Endeavour Mining, Barrick Gold, Centamin, Montage Gold and Tata Steel.

That’s a sector red carpet roll call, and it’s one that Firering’s CEO Yuval Cohen is confident FOREMI will deliver in terms of the ‘same recovery’ as they have with Firering’s intended peers.

The contractor has its work cut out as Firering also announced the assay results from its auger drilling programme at Atex.  While some investors may have been expecting details about the grades of lithium and tantalum with this round of drilling, it was more to point the company in the right direction as to where it should be drilling.

Vassilios Carellas is Firering’s non executive director known for his technical and fastidious fact checking.  Speak to him or listen to him and he’ll explain why the maiden set of augur results give providential data, and samples from the bedrock about a greenfield project covered by overburden will allow the drill rigs or “truth machines” to get to work in an optimised, cost-effective manner.

His assessment is straight to the point. “This data has exceeded all our expectations and it’s been a fantastic result for us.”

Listen to Vassilios tell Sarah Lowther why he believes the South West is “juicy,” what the data reveals about the last point of refusal geologically speaking, and what keeps Yuval awake at night.



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