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Interesting times ahead for Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals


“…the most important catalyst for Hemogenyx is Clinical trials…”


In addition to becoming a clinical stage company, the chief executive of Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals puts the robustness of the share price down to its dedicated investors.

The simplicity of that statement requires dissection.  The stock markets overall have been demonstrating the retraction and hibernation of a very grumpy bear market, while Hemogenyx has doggedly pursued its mission to develop new therapies and treatments for deadly blood diseases.

Investors haven’t deserted in their droves and co-founder and CEO Dr Vlad Sandler is confident they will be rewarded as Hemogenyx has a strong roster of assets, and is firmly on the path to taking them to market.

The candidate pipeline is at varying stages of preparedness in terms of proximity to clinical trials. Discussions with the Food and Drug Administration where the CAR-T cell therapy for blood cancer is concerned have been collaborative and encouraging, and all being well after CAR-T cell manufacturing facilities have been given the go-ahead, and the IND (Investigational New Drug) application is successful then the end of Q1 2023 could give the company its next share price catalyst – the move into a clinical stage, patient recruiting business.

The next six months is arguably the most important for the company that was founded just shy of a decade ago.

Sandler though is keen to stress that there’s no rush. He runs a tight ship. His signature management style is frugal in its expenditure, prudent where partnerships are concerned, thorough in its recruitment process and as the share price has demonstrated resilient when its peer group has suffered in extremis.

Listen to Vlad talk to Sarah Lowther about the company pipeline, purity, new facilities and manufacturing associates.

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