Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Power Metal Resources PLC

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Power Metals has the firepower to explore even more aggressively 


“…We’ve gone for the projects with district scale potential because that’s where you get your big market cap increases…”


Many retail investors complain about a lack of information being provided by listed companies.  They want more than the dry, sanitised regulatory news statements. They want more than the gobful of words on a Twitter thread.  They want a fly on the wall view in the board room without the responsibility and they want full disclosure.

The boss at Power Metal Resources is grateful to the retail investors who he says “are the most important people.”  He describes them as being brave compared to “the big firms or big institutions in the world who generally don’t have the balls to engage in this type of sector during difficult times.”

So go on Power’s website and view a short video on the company portfolio of exploration and development assets.  If that’s not your thing download the at-a-glance portfolio structure which gives you the family tree of the company’s assets and the mind mapping of the business which CEO Paul Johnson says is focused on “the safe secure jurisdictions North America, Africa and Australia. We’ve gone for the projects, generally speaking with district scale potential, because that’s where you get your big market cap increases on success. And we’ve gone through a combined model of not just exploring and spending everyone’s money but trying to generate capital through our spin out disposal approach to build the balance sheet.”

From the conversation he has with Sarah Lowther it sounds like the acquisitions have come to an end for now and the value accretion is being progressed as the company attempts to ‘bring on the most needed metals at the right time.’    In Botswana Johnson says there’s been phenomenal success at the company’s gold projects. “So we’re quite excited about what lies beneath and what lies in the middle. Gold is quite significant for us.”

Johnson then uses football analogies to describe the number of projects that will yield success from the portfolio.

“I actually think three is my low number. My higher number will be ten because that’s what we’ve built. We have so many shots on goal, and we’re progressing them quite well at the moment.”


Paul tells StockBox’s Mark Fairbairn that the company is pushing on whatever the market conditions.


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