Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Versarien PLC

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It’s cold out there now but spring and summer is coming for Versarien 


“…There are real opportunities for us where we can see significant growth in the future…”


“And don’t forget you’re booties because it’s cold out there today” is the phrase that’s repeated time and time again in the 1993 film “Groundhog Day” where the character relives the same day over and over again.

Graphene product innovator Versarien has been accused by some disgruntled shareholders of repeating the same mantra for several years where contract completions and revenue growth is concerned.

The thing is that Versarien has launched eight products this year, with four more on the cusp of completion bringing the launch average to one a month.

And the company is focussing on tangible sales in the realms of textiles and concrete while the years-long negotiations in the making with larger corporates slowly comes to fruition as they wade through what CEO Neill Ricketts describes as “the NDA, the collaboration, testing, the optimization and getting more towards the contract.”

Contracts have been made in 2022.  Textiles and construction are fertile areas for the company with collaborations with Umbro and BiaBrazil,  the latter home to the unfeasibly beautiful and fashion and textile-tech conscious.

Then there’s the headway being made on the construction side of the business.  Ricketts has been on manoeuvres 3000 miles to the East. “My biggest priority at the moment is the Middle East,” says Ricketts,”because there’s a massive requirement for concrete. And they’re very keen on supporting the UK. There’s been a number of initiatives both by the UK government and by the government of the UAE to be able to strengthen those ties.”

There’s also the conversations with Airbus, Rolls Royce, HS2 the biggest rail investment ever made in the North of England and the Ministry of Defence. “There’s a big opportunity there to use our textiles to be able to give our troops the very best equipment as well.”

With so many strands to Versarien’s bow, Neill explains the rationale of the recent fundraise to Sarah Lowther and outlines the sales trajectory in textiles and why sales doesn’t include the company itself. And while it may be cold out there, spring is on its way.


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