Wednesday, September 27th 2023

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The deal with Mexico’s only unicorn is a complete game changer for Mobile Streams


“…We’re the undisputed number one provider supporting NFTs in Mexico. This takes us to another level and offers us many new options. The Products we will create will be spectacular…”


Last time we spoke to Mark Epstein he spoke about how “brilliantly” Mobile Streams Plc was doing in terms of deals being won.  His interview was punctuated with sporting metaphors and at the time the company was heavily associated with renowned LatAm football clubs and digital merchandise.

That was last July.  The association with Mexican national football continues and  11 months on the chief executive of the mobile content and data intelligence company is just as effusive if not more so, after signing an exclusive deal with financial services company Bitso.

“This takes us to another level,” says Epstein.  “Because you’re talking about the leading financial services institution powered by crypto in Latin America. In Mexico, they’re the undisputed number one with 95% of all Mexican crypto wallets. So if you want to get in front of customers. If you want to get in front of people when they’re in the market using crypto, then obviously they deal with Bitso, so it’s a complete game changer.”

Epstein describes Bitso as Mexico’s only unicorn which gives Mobile Streams multiple credibility points.   Bitso is financially regulated.  Mobile Streams is stock exchange regulated.  So the deal represents a doubly regulated offering that gives customers the security that hasn’t been offered by recent charlatan crypto entities that have brought the industry into disrepute. The deal also elevates Mobile Streams to what Epstein describes as “the undisputed number one provider of supporting NFT’s in Mexico.”

Remember, current licences include the Mexico National team, Pumas, Necaxa, Atlante, Gaby Lopez, EFC, Cadiz and many many more…

Watch Mark talk to Sarah Lowther about the opportunities the Bitso deal opens for the company, the “massive” increase in sales and revenue and how the company platform can accommodate the many athletes looking to do NFT projects and the customers wanting to use Apple Pay and not crypto for transactions.


Listen to last July’s podcast (below) with Sarah when Mark explains what Non Fungible Tokens are and how the business has evolved over two decades to become what it is today and the foundations it is laying for the future.

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