Wednesday, December 6th 2023

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Tackling the most important virus that no one has heard of   “…through a process of elimination it’s not too difficult to guess who the

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Vast Resources PLC

Is the Ace Of Diamonds next out the pack for Vast Resources ?   “…The diamonds are on their way…”   Andrew Prelea has been

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Harvest Minerals Ltd

If Harvest want the rainbow, they gotta put up with the rain   “…If there’s a bright light potentially at the end of the tunnel,

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Contango Holdings PLC

A world class resource with options for Contango   “…there are a number of groups that wish to purchase coking coal product from Lubu. We

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URA Holdings PLC

A green future for URA Holdings   “…Gravelotte was operational from 1929 to 2002 employing more than 400 sorters, it was reputed to be the largest

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Panther Metals PLC

The Emperor’s New Clothes (and not just) for Panther   “…Everybody can see across almost every single commodity, a supply crunch and that supply crunch

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Mobile Streams PLC

The deal with Mexico’s only unicorn is a complete game changer for Mobile Streams   “…We’re the undisputed number one provider supporting NFTs in Mexico.

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Block Energy PLC

An imminent fundraise for Block? Absolutely not    “…Keep the rig moving. Keep the crew hot and press on with the programme…”   With record

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Ashington Innovation PLC

An abundance of opportunity for Ashington Innovation   “…Now is a really opportune moment to get out there and acquire a FinTech or Deep Tech company

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