Thursday, September 28th 2023

Malcy Talks Oil & Gas XIII

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Today’s Oil & Gas Review

Doc Holiday caught up with independent Oil analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood once again to discuss all the latest Junior Oil & Gas News, after a number of high impact announcements. During the podcast, Malcy highlights his ten-bagger valuation on a well known Oil & Gas company which is currently very much on its way to reaching its target as shares trade up over five times higher.

In other news Saudi Aramco lifted some of the veil today by announcing H1 results for the first time ever, reporting first-half 2019 net income of $46.9 billion, marking “a significant milestone in Saudi Aramco’s history,” as Saudi Aramco president and chief executive officer Amin Nasser said in the results release.

We also hear more about the unique developments in Mongolia in addition to the substantial return from Andrew Austins latest venture, whilst the markets remain choppy there is still a number of good opportunities in a number of well-formed Oil & Gas companies argues Wood.



Malcolm Graham-Wood has over 30 years experience in the Oil & Gas sector working in a variety of capacities, these days Malcy floats around the markets as the oracle of oil stocks, jet-setting to foreign lands reporting on prospective investment opportunities.


You can find Malcy here: Malcy’s Blog

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