Sunday, October 1st 2023

The Prism Of Pello Capital!

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Pello Capital To Deploy The Latests Tech In City Stock Broking

Pello Capital’s managing director Dan Gee joined us in the studio to talk us through the companies re-branding process but more so the new compliant Pello model. As the company experienced a management restructuring, the new enlarged teamed looked to design and build/repurpose its technology in order to improve previous deficiencies.

Gee claims that building long term relationships is paramount to the future success of the business and with a theme of transparency. In doing this Pello geared its retainers are low cost with a higher cost of capital on a sliding scale encouraging growth which means successful companies will pay more in the future for lower cost of capital.

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You can learn more about Pello Capital and Join the story here!

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The author was remunerated but doesn’t hold shares in Pello