Wednesday, December 6th 2023

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Open Orphan plan to make the enlarged company profitable? You can hear more from  Cathal Friel who talks about the latest announcement of the collaboration with Ipsen group! Friel explains the longer-term vendor contracts, in addition, to a number of future partners that could fortify a “Brendan Buckly” style deal including transactions of magnitude showing the service company can deliver further major contracts including revenue.

We caught up with Cathal Friel here earlier in the year

Cathal Friel, Chief Executive of Open Orphan commented:

“When we completed the reverse takeover of Venn earlier this summer we promised shareholders that one of our key objectives would be to transform Venn into a profitable pharma services company. This partnership is the first of many steps to make Venn profitable and deliver a re-rating of the business to be in line with the wider sector. I look forward to announcing more positive news in due course.”

Chief Executive Cathal Friel talks to Sarah Lowther here

Open Orphan (ORPH) – Maurice Treacy, CCO

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