Thursday, September 28th 2023

Malcy Talks Oil & Gas XVII

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Will Brexit Effect The Oil & Gas Industry?

We conclude yet another enthralling chat with independent analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood about all things Oil & Gas, Wood shares some interesting thoughts on Rockhopper, Premier Oil including United Oil & Gas acquisition of Rockhoppers Eygptian assets. During the discussion, both commentators share some thoughts on the recent plunge in Tullow Oil’s share price after a series of announcements resulted in the CEO and COO leaving the company. On the contrary, ECO Atlantic remains to potentially hold a discovery with sufficient synergies to existing discoveries by majors however pending developments should be noted.

Hurricane Energy has seen its shares languish, arguably an encouraging announcement from the company’s technical team reiterates there positive technical outlook of the companies assets. In other news, the Sefton effect continues to haunt Anglo African Oil & Gas as shares crashed on Monday to new all-time lows as the company announces the departure of its CEO, some suggestions are surfacing suggesting the vehicle(AAOG) could present some opportunity yet Malcy simply does not buy into it, and for probably good reason.

Chariot Oil & Gas trades below cash with potential partners in the data room, we hear some fair rationale as to why investors may wish to add Chariot to there watchlist going into 2020. Savanah Petroleum have finally concluded its deal with seven energy with a price marked at 85p by the independent Oil analyst. Others to follow are Predator Oil & Gas and Reabold Resources which each has a very different story to tell, however equally as interesting West Newton remains significantly under-acknowledged.

Finally, Doc and Malcy talk through the latest news of Coro Energy’s decision to focus more on growing an impressive Asian focused business relinquishing its Italian portfolio for approx £4m to Zenith Energy currently quoted at £9m market cap, shares in the company could present future value, however, one must observe the next series of announcements from both companies to get a clear and fuller picture.



Malcolm Graham-Wood has over 30 years experience in the Oil & Gas sector working in a variety of capacities, these days Malcy floats around the markets as the oracle of oil stocks, jet-setting to foreign lands reporting on prospective investment opportunities.


You can find Malcy here: Malcy’s Blog

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You can hear Malcolm Graham-Wood talk Oil & Gas here.

CEO Interview: Andrew Knott, Savannah Petroleum.

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