Thursday, September 28th 2023

Power Metal Resources

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Is it time to look at the amazing opportunity in Power Metal Resources..?

“…A monumental discovery is anticipated at Power Metal Resources…”

The autumn equinox is the day when day and night are of equal length. On Tuesday the 22nd of September there was plenty of metaphorical light and dark represented in the dialogue of two unrelated Mr Johnsons.

There was Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK who made his third Covid-related address to the nation and Paul Johnson, the Chief Executive Officer of metal explorer Power Metal Resources.  Both made references to the pandemic, though their messaging while empathetic and emphatic was starkly different.

The Prime Minister admitted: “The struggle against Covid is the single biggest struggle the world has faced in my lifetime.”  Paul Johnson concurred, but said recent unfortunate events “…will stimulate dramatic infrastructure spending programmes that will draw on commodities like never before…”

The project portfolio of Power Metal Resources is prepared for the growing global demand for commodities. Commodity and geographically diverse, it is deliberately engineered to yield positive news flow and operational proof of concept for the remainder of 2020.

Here, Paul Johnson catches up with Sarah Lowther and expands on how the company has plenty of working capital, how the company is working towards cash self sufficiency and is also looking to crystalise value in projects for shareholders…

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