Thursday, September 28th 2023

Sunrise Resources

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Is Nevada the setting for a Hollywood horticultural blockbuster starring Sunrise Resources PLC?

The man from Macclesfield with the first class honours in mining is far from an academic content to run his business by the remote desk top method.  Think the seminal scene in Gladiator when hero Maximus Decimus Meridius caresses fields of wheat under his finger tips. It’s about yearning and frustration and one that Patrick Cheetham, executive Chairman of Sunrise Resources fully understands.

Covid-related travel restrictions means that personal access to the Pozzolan-Perlite project in Nevada is denied, and Cheetham is unable to feel the ground underneath his boots, however the hard graft preceding lockdown has paid off and recently granted mining permits means the company is now in a position to do just that – mine.

Mining for industrial minerals that are sought after in the worlds of horticulture for the new asset class of cannabis,  pharmaceutical in the form of mosquito repellant and the ethical in terms of greenhouse gas eradication.

In this interview Patrick expands to Sarah Lowther about recent fundraises, how the company is endeavouring not to return to the market for funding, and how they aim to do this with the vigorous pursuit of offtakes and customer engagement.


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Here, Patrick speak to Proactive UK’s Polly Middlehurst about the significance of the mine permit, and how value-adding this phase of the company’s development is after two-and-a-half years ‘hard, hard work.’


The author was remunerated but does not hold shares in the company