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Mode Global Holdings PLC

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Looks like Mode is ready to Explode


“…The future is simplicity, easy to use, cheaper, faster and more secure…”


Mode Global Holdings are a UK Fintech group with a vision: to leverage today’s rapid digitalisation by building the next-generation financial ecosystem that directly connects consumers and businesses, combining the best of payments, investment, loyalty and digital assets.

Mode’s vision is to leverage the rapid digitisation happening in today’s economy and build the next-generation ecosystem that combines the best of digital payments, investment, loyalty and digital assets. At the heart of that ecosystem, directly connecting consumers and businesses, will lie the Mode super app.

The MODE.L  team has over 200 years of real world operational experience, across 30 years of changing market conditions, delivering successful financial services and technology based businesses in the UK, Europe and the World. Mode is also backed by a well-known pool of global investors.

Earlier this month, MODE.L reported a new record-breaking month with trading volumes and new user numbers surging over 1,500% and 500% respectively since August, as Bitcoin extended its historical, record-breaking rally.

Jonathan Rowland, Executive Chairman of Mode said “If we look at Google Trends search volumes, the data suggests that retail investor appetite for Bitcoin has reached nowhere near the levels we saw in 2017. Until now, the recent price surge has been driven by high-net-worth individuals, family offices, hedge funds and corporates that have put Bitcoin on their balance sheets, like Microstrategy, Square and Mode. This has also resulted in an increase in appetite for Bitcoin-related stocks from companies with balance sheet exposure or companies that receive revenue in Bitcoin, like mining companies”

Bitcoin of course was created with the intention of being a digital currency that doesn’t require any centralized authority to back it or to oversee transactions. Instead of bank software handling electronic transfers, Bitcoin is transacted on a blockchain — basically a spreadsheet that logs when coins move and to where. Transactions are entered on the blockchain after an unaffiliated third party confirms the deal, often in exchange for partial coins.

The world’s largest asset manager will allow two of its funds to bet on the value of bitcoin for the first time. BlackRock, the Wall Street giant that manages $8.7 trillion (£6.3 trillion) on behalf of its clients, changed the rules on what some of its fund managers can invest in.

Bitcoin, after surging to $42,000 per bitcoin earlier this month, has begun a sharp correction that’s seen $200 billion wiped from its value over the last two weeks. The bitcoin price, which was trading at under $10,000 this time last year, has risen over 250% over the last 12 months—pushing many smaller cryptocurrencies even higher.

Now, bitcoin is around $30,000 early this morning, so the price is certainly finding its feet!

Here, Jeremy Naylor catches up with Team Mode. Jeremy and IGTV catch up with Chairman and CEO Jonathan Rowland, Chief Commercial Officer Rita Liu and Chief Product Officer Janis Legler. The Team give an introduction and update since the IPO in October, discuss the increase in user numbers and trading volume, the Bitcoin price, how to get exposure to crypto, future plans and the Super App.