Saturday, September 23rd 2023

Versarien PLC

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Results hit the GSCALE for Versarien 


“…we are a development company. If we cut off the development then we can make profit…”


Just as the G-spot is a thing of great beauty once found, so is Versarien‘s GSCALE – an exotic blend of all that is sexy in the world of graphene.

GSCALE  is an acronym for Graphene, Seat, Concrete, Arch, Leisure, and Elastomer.  It’s a project designed to enable Versarien to significantly increase its manufacture of quality assured graphene.  The project is progressing as outlined in the company’s most recent interim results.

And for those already converted to Versarien’s face masks, a second generation is in the making with matching base layers to give full body comfort and protection.

Listen to Chief executive Neill Ricketts refute Sarah Lowther’s analysis of the company’s latest results and why profitability is taking a back seat to growth as the company makes judicious acquisitions to establish a graphene gold standard global enterprise.

Read the full set of interim results here

Watch Neill speak to IG TV’s Jeremy Naylor about Versarien’s rationale to move into a joint venture in the South Korean aerospace sector.


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