Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Guest Interview Vol.12 – Doc Holiday

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What’s up Doc?


“…A sharp correction is what I expect initially. At the back end of the year I can see it being absolute carnage…”


New to investing? Need a strategy? Not really sure where to start in the minefield of Financial Markets? Maybe this podcast will help you on your journey.

Here Sarah Lowther catches up with one of the most well known, highly regarded, often controversial but respected individuals within the Junior Markets in @DDS_DocHoliday

Doc Holiday has been trading the markets for more than 15 years, commenting on them for ten years and now he’s had enough.

The frustration he has with the markets which prompted his online departure is palpable.  He’s relishing paling into insignificance and semi retirement because in his words ‘it seemed more attractive than bickering and badgering people on social media.’

He has over 10,000 followers on his Twitter feed and he’s ignoring the whining of those who want him to continue to share his intelligence. His advice. Do it yourself.

He has zero tolerance for the lazy investor, the ones who can’t be bothered to read RNS’s, the ones blaming his silence and stock selling for the current market malaise.

Whilst it would be flattering in a sordid way that his social media silence was at the root of the lousy markets, Doc just knows when to exit.

Why are the markets going backwards?  Because they don’t seem to be able to go any further forwards. We’re not going have another trading year  like the one we’ve just had. It’s been like shooting fish in a barrel. If you have had a good year, don’t be greedy.  If you are buying the shares, and every one else is buying the same shares, who is going to buy them off you? It would appear we’re in a market now where good news is sold into which is unfortunate for companies that appear to be doing all the right things but not getting the right sort of returns. A sharp correction is what I expect initially and at the back end of the year I can see it being absolute carnage”

Well Doc, if it wasn’t illegal to do so, many would migrate to Cyprus to seek you out and pick your brains.  But there’s no need as Sarah is doing just that in this podcast which might just be Doc’s swan song.

He’s not totally retired though because in Cyprus he’s been mooching around the Troodos Mountains keeping an eye on Chesterfield Resource’s work there and the two Camborne School of Mines graduates who are “exceptionally talented,  highly pragmatic young men.”

The Doc hasn’t sold up all his holdings. He has exposure to copper; plus coking coal and gold after buying into Contango Holdings Plc particularly as the lined-up offtaker for the Zimbabwian asset ‘is one of the world’s biggest steel producers.’ And for investors who don’t know what an NI 43-101 report is, they should, so they can enjoy the one just released by the company.

Doc is also certain that investors could make money on ECR Minerals ‘all day long even if you’re just in for a short term trade.’ Capital Metals too is one that delights the Doc. “The further we get into the second half of this year, the closer we get to a high grade, highly scaleable operation and it’s going to to start spitting out money for fun.”

While the fun from being involved in the markets has gone for Doc, he has fond anecdotes of veteran and new chief executives and how they present their companies.

They include ‘the guy next door’ Paul Johnson of Power Metals and his rock and roll RNS’s. “He literally can find a prince from a couple of frogs.  This guy is unbelievable.   He’s got a great understanding of what the secondary market want to hear.  He’s got Power Metals from two to £30 million.  The valuation that’s he‘s managed to achieve based on how he presents the company is nothing short of amazing.”

Doc also likes straight as a die Darren Hazlewood from Panther Metals and the resilience of NTOG’s Matt Lofgran who has sorted out his communication strategy, turned his business into a cash flow positive one that spans from Texas to Tunisia.

There are others who need to stop being in denial, employ others better suited to decision making and those who should bow out, but just as Doc did – gracefully and silently.

In this chat with  Sarah Lowther, the Doc shares the frustrations he has with the market, why you need to box clever if you’re holding retail favourites, his views on bitcoin, the Covid plays that have served him well, why cash is king and which chief executive he and Sarah would have a bromance with.



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