Saturday, September 23rd 2023

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Promoted to the Super Hero League for Versarien 


“…We’re getting quite good at structuring these deals for Versarien where there’s a royalty and ongoing revenue stream…”


Having been born in Singapore and worked in Japan, Neill Ricketts is familiar with the Far East, its culture, work ethic and business idiosyncrasies, but the recent agreement with Ricketts’ Versarien and South Korea’s Graphene Lab is a partnership of equals.

There is an element of deference with Ricketts admiring the experience of his Graphene Lab opposite number – Samsung veteran ‘Mr Kwon’ who belonged to a top team in the electronics company known as ‘The Avengers.’   And while Ricketts is no comic book hero, despite admitting to love a bit of Avengers founder Tony Stark, he will be assisting the Graphene Lab board on ‘how to do an IPO’ probably on South Korea’s KOSDAQ exchange.

Closer to home, Versarien is further along the path to monetising the graphene technologies in its portfolio including concrete and the hotly anticipated launch of the graphene wearables website which will feature the popular range of masks of many colours, and hopefully the sweat wicking, smart clothing that has long life potential in addition to monitoring the health of its wearer.

Health is important to Ricketts who was afflicted with a Bells Palsy episode in April, took two days off and came out the other side determined to oversee the textile website personally to add website developer to his list of credentials including face stroke survivor.

In this podcast with Sarah Lowther he talks through the synergies with South Korea’s Graphene Lab, the judicious use of the £5 million Innovate loan and the adventure that is Versarien 2021 and beyond.


Neill chats with Punchline Talks about the deal with Graphene Lab and how the partnership strengthens Versarien’s position in South Korea further after acquiring graphene production assets and intellectual property from Hanwha Aerospace in December.


Learn about Versarien’s masks in this updated video published in March 2021

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