Wednesday, September 27th 2023

Mode Global Holdings PLC

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2022 will be a year of execution and delivery as Mode rolls out its vision of bitcoin as digital gold


“..we are very confident that Mode can bring lots of offers from some very well known brands…”


Rita Liu is a chief executive who likes rolling up her sleeves and doing the proverbial donkey work.  She was the Chief Commercial Officer of Mode Global Holdings and despite her promotion to boss, she’ll still be carrying out the functions of her previous position.  So in a wholesale sense she remains an insider in the business working alongside the team she describes as ‘industry experts’ and the founder Jonathan Rowland.

Liu acknowledges that while Mode is a founder-led business, Jonathan trusts her and she has full autonomy to determine the direction of the team and the execution of the business. In fact she insisted on it before she accepted the role.

She is perplexed by the share price valuation particularly as Mode was the first FCA-approved crypto license, has multiple revenue streams with some products in the early stage of monetisation with the long term vision the build of the crypto super app.  She cites the revenue targets met, the experts in the team and IPO promises fulfilled.   She is honest about the need for a placing sometime this year to supplement the experts to assist her in delivering Mode’s vision and extending the company’s reach to Europe where there is more “opportunity where crypto is concerned.”

The current team is busy working on the affiliate program as part of the ‘earn in bitcoin’ proposition. The timeline for that is Q2 and Liu is “very confident we can bring lots of offers from very well known brands,” and there will be fun and interesting campaigns to acquire new users, retain the existing with rewards for all.

On the roadmap is a physical card with the potential to offer cash back and customer perks and to help embed the company’s belief that “Bitcoin is a store of value.  Digital gold,” and the development of the Super App continues at pace.

Listen to Rita talking to Sarah Lowther about what the company has achieved since IPO, Mode’s app and roadmap and why she thinks the company is undervalued.


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