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The time to make acquisitions is now for Electric Guitar 


“…We’re really keen to do at least one, maybe two, maybe even three this year…”


There are many formulas that are favoured by successful business, and a prominent template is the one that follows the rules of ‘P.’

These are the columns that include Purpose, People, Product, Pipeline, Progression and Profit.

Electric Guitar Plc knows its purpose which is to become a unicorn that specialises in the first party data that is increasingly becoming part of the corporate stream of consciousness.

To achieve its ambition Electric bought 3radical via a reverse takeover and that business now sits as its primary subsidiary.  3radical’s audience engagement software is second to none according to Electric’s CEO John Regan, and the next stage of its development is aggressive sales and marketing.

That’s where the people come in and a senior MD hire has been made in Jeremy Saul, one of Regan’s trusted decades-old network that has business development coursing through his DNA.  He is bedding the business in as it grows and by all accounts he is exceptionally personable too.

Then there’s the bigger mission of another ‘P’ – that of procurement. “We’ve got that great pipeline of businesses that we want to acquire,” says Regan. “Now we can talk to them a bit more openly, a bit more aggressively, because we’ve got that first acquisition under our belt and we’re on AIM, so we’re able to talk to those in a much more open way.”

The 3radical acquisition was completed just one month ago and Regan is travelling the globe as he hunts for the next purchase while simultaneously banging the drum for his current stable.

“This is the land grab year for companies that create first party data,” he says enthusiastically.

As John explains to Sarah Lowther in this video interview: “There are other acquisitions in the pipeline. We’re really keen to do at least one, maybe two, maybe even three this year. If you look at the market and valuations of these businesses, the time to make those acquisitions is now, because there’s lots of upsides for both the people we acquire, if they’re taking part in the Electric Guitar shares, and those businesses are really sensibly priced for us now.”




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